Becky Jones on Summer Writing Goals

Setting your summer writing goals  and our recent Roundtable Discussion Eight of us met on Saturday, June 10th to talk about our summer writing goals. Our goals ranged from the basics of getting back to our writing to sending our work out for publication: goals within the group were varied and unique; such as brainstorm Read More

SDWG Writing Residencies

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE  a new benefit for our members— the Straw Dog Writers Guild Writing Residencies at Patchwork Farm Retreat. A Straw Dog Writing Residency will include 6 days, 5 nights, Sunday at 3:00 pm through Friday noon, in one of the lovely, unique places at Patchwork Farm Retreat in Westhampton MA. Residencies Read More

Blog by Christopher J. Sparks

Like any writer, I know how important craft can be. Straw Dog Writer’s Guild, a group of the Valley’s own writing talent, offers workshops by our, often quite accomplished, neighbors. In mid-March, I attended a lecture on crafting Magical Realism with Andrea Hairston. Andrea is a playwright, novelist, and professor of theater at Smith College. Andrea knows that Read More

“What sustains you as a writer?”

Two writers tell us what they got out of participating in Straw Dog’s first Writers Roundtable -held February 11th.The topic was “What sustains you as a writer?” –  The next Roundtable will be June 10th. Sustain – once removed, by Jess MartinHow does one dart, weave and unwind words into some semblance of beginning, middle and end? Then Read More

Patricia Lee Lewis upon reflection …

Patricia Lee Lewis upon reflection … By Patrica Lee Lewis In the year that opens before us, I will turn 80, and recently in a writing circle of workshop leaders in training, I wrote a piece in the voice of a woman facing the mysteries and gifts of going forward in a well-worn life. Onward Read More

Welcoming Big Changes for SDWG in 2017

  Welcoming Big Changes for SDWG in 2017 By Elli Meeropol 2017 looms, and seven years after Straw Dog Writers Guild was conceived in Patricia Lee Lewis’ living room, we are poised for big changes. Two original members of the group, Jacqueline Sheehan and Patricia Lee Lewis, are stepping off the Steering Committee and moving Read More

Perugia Press Turns Twenty

Perugia Press Turns Twenty: Celebrating Milestones with our Local Community By Susan Kan and Rebecca Hart Olander For 20 years, Perugia Press has published the best new woman poet each year—the winner of our annual, national contest that draws more than 500 yearly submissions. Our aim is to produce beautiful books that interest long-time readers Read More