Wildflower Poetry

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Laura Stone keeps her eyes and heart open while walking and finds poetry along the way.

Recently I have been trying to take my phone with me on my daily walks with my dog, in case we see something beautiful, interesting, or inspiring.

My phone has a better camera than any camera I had when growing up, and I have become somewhat attached to capturing wildflowers and then writing a poem about the flower. I also look up the flower online, which sometimes takes a while (since searching for a pink puffy flower or a small daisy brings up a lot of choices, haha), and I try and learn a bit about each one.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy these images and words.

Erigeron strigosuss (Prairie fleabane)


Early in the morning

the ancient sons appear

whiskers gray

stretching toward the day-star

caressing the cerulean welkin of hope.




Wild Peavine (Lathyrus venosus)


flourish, charm the winds

paint promise

with miniature pink,

amid the rubble neglected

in the old trailer park.




Potentilla recta (Sulphur Cinquefoil)


Oh for the agony of titles,

I believe you deserve so significantly greater

I would call you ~ 5 Hearts of Golden Delight,

only beloved hopeless romantics

are appeased as weeds.




Pink Bachelor Button (Centaurea dealbata)


Classic blushing flowerets

swaying abreast each wing

nectar invites

a symphony

a ritornello of bees

to sing amidst your petals.




Words & Photos by Laura Stone

(admin. director of Straw Dog Writers Guild)