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Valley Gives - May 1, 2018

.Invest in Writers of Western Massachusetts 


Contributions can only be made on Valley Gives Day

May 1, 2018

Your contribution is important!




Thank you, your donation goes towards paying featured readers at open mics!






 1st 10 donors will receive a copy of Abel Meeropol's (Lewis Allan) chapbook





1st 5 donors receive the Strange Fruit documentary DVD by Joel Katz

Dear Community,

May 1 is Valley Gives, the annual day of Pioneer Valley giving. This is the day we all say Thank You to the nonprofits that enrich our community and connect us to the world. This year is the last Valley Gives, and once again we at Straw Dog Writers Guild ask for your support.

Our goal this year is $5000. Not a huge amount of money, but it goes a long way to help us offer free or very low-cost craft workshops, panels and roundtable discussions about publishing and the writing life, monthly open mics in Northampton and Ashfield, and events in support of social justice writing. Your donation helps us pay our part-time Administrative Director, offer honoraria to the writers who present programs for us, and support the work of writers in our region.

You can help by:

Thank you!

Ellen Meeropol

President, SDWG Board of Directors

Straw Dog Writers Guild is a volunteer 501(c)3 organization, committed to paying writers for their presentations. Your tax-deductible memberships and donations help support them.



Donate to Straw Dog Writers Guild

.Invest in Writers of Western Massachusetts 


Your contribution is important!

  • $25 pays for a featured reader at our Open Mics

  • $50 supports a full membership scholarship for someone otherwise unable to join

  • $100 pays for one of our many talented craft program leaders

  • $500 or $1000 will help sustain our ability to pay our Admin. Director's salary