Poetry Anthology



The Anthology is open to all, Straw Dog members submit free 

$5 submission donation/fee for non-members. * (we are a nonprofit so your submission fee is tax deductible)


Dear Poets:


As the book of poetry I am editing for Straw Dogs is about western MA, any poems you send need to be specifically about a place, event or person of interest here (Or if more general, at least mention the place etc.  in the title of the poem: Old Williamsburg Orchard, Homeless Man on a Greenfield Street, A Poet Reads at Mocha, Martha Walks at Northampton Gay Pride 2017, Accident on Route 91, Exit 21 etc. (None of these are actual poems.)


If we can, we'd like to include a map in which the poems are sited, so someone could actually go, book in hand, and read your poem in or by or under the place you wrote about.


There will also be an intro where I will explain this concept. 


Sorry, it wasn't clearer before, we are learning through this process, in doing our first Straw Dog Poetry Anthology.


Yours in poetry,


Jane Yolen & The Straw Dog Steering Committee


We need poems from the odd places: Paradise Pond, Puffers Pond,  DAR State Forest, Chesterfield Gorge, Connecticut River, Old Deerfield Cemetery,  Ashfield Center, Conway Library -- We would like to represent each of the five colleges somehow, Lake Wyola, Montague Book Mill, Quabbin, Sophie Smith;s House in Hatfield, Shea Theater, the Vermonter coming through to stop in Northampton, Carle Museum,  Yiddish Book Center, Dr. Suess Museum or Dr. Suess and Mulberry Street, Northampton Pride parade, etc. 

How to Submit Your Work!

The Anthology will not be accepting previously published work


Submission period: 9/1/17 through 10/15/17


5 poems may be submitted per person


Subject line of email “ Straw Dogs Poetry Anthology”


Email submissions only to janeyolen@aol.com




Publication is expected in early 2018 with readings to be scheduled in the spring.



This is a reading fee, & does not guarantee a place in the book. The fee goes towards expenses of publication, not to pay the editors who are doing this work gratis. 



Straw Dogs will publish a list of authors; all authors will receive a copy of the book as payment. Readings will be held in several locations; with different authors at each reading. Publication is expected in early 2018 with readings to be scheduled in the spring.



Thank you!