Poetry Anthology


Sixty-two poets and over a hundred new poems

offer a lyrical map of our Valley.





From the Introduction by Editor Jane Yolen

"So many places in the Valley are poems to me. I have lived in Northampton, Conway, and Hatfield, but poetry doesn’t just reside there. Poems seem to drop from the apple orchards, rise up in the cornfields. They lie beneath the snow emerging first as blue-flowered snowdrops. They grow under the white nettings over tobacco crops. They sail on the rivers, and tumble over the gorges, make the rounds of the Oxbow. They clack behind the wheels of the Vermonter as it stops twice a day in Northampton. They shudder each time a too-large truck goes under Northampton’s truck-eating bridge. They pause by Sojourner Truth’s statue, enjoy the Smith College greenhouse in February, nod at the mastodon in the Amherst College Museum, follow the dinosaur tracks in the shale along the Connecticut. I hear more than just Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost in all the passing winds."

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Janet E. Aalfs
Karen Amerman
Doug Anderson
Alice Barrett
Jean Blakeman
Anna Bozena Bowen
Floyd Cheung
Gail Cleare
Candace R. Curran
Corinne Demas
Deborah Dill
Sarah Doyle
Crescent Dragonwagon
Beth Filson
Anita Gallers
Michael Goldman
Tzivia Gover
D. M. Gordon
Nina Gross
Donna Hébert
Sharon A. Harmon
Ray Homstead
Jane McPhetres Johnson
Phyllis Katz
Mary Ellen Kelly
Kathleen M. Kelley
Eileen P. Kennedy
Marian Kent
F. D. Kindness
Melanie S. Lewis
Patricia Lee Lewis

Patricia MacLachlan
Jan Maher
Paul Mariani
Nathalie McCormick
Ellen Meeropol
Marcia Merithew
Richard Michelson
Susan T. Middleton
Burleigh Mutén
Linda Neas
Lesléa Newman
Rebecca Hart Olander
Christine Anne Pratt
Forrest Proper
Diane Rachele
Mary Robertson
Laura Rodley
Paula Sayword
V. Jane Schneeloch
Pat Schneider
Molly Scott
Stephanie Shafran
Heidi E.Y. Stemple
Joshua Michael Stewart
Cynthia Suopis
Gail Thomas
Ann Warren Turner
Jovonna Van Pelt
Theresa A. Vincent
Hilde Weisert
Jane Yolen


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