Rumi by Candlelight



Rumi by Candlelight is a rare non-denominational community event that marries literature, music, and spirituality, with a focus on unity.


We envision the evening as a refuge from the turbulence of daily life, where members of the general community come together to enjoy introspective and inspiring words by a renowned poet/mystic with accompanying music.


Rumi’s poetry often refers to unity, transcends time periods, religions, cultures and national borders. The poetry reminds many audiences that we can continue to evolve as individuals and as a society, increasing compassion for one another and devotion to the divine in all things.


Rumi by Candlelight is an inspirational literary program with poetry and music.


It is held in a sanctuary setting, with simple decorations of flowers and candlelight to create a serene gathering place for the community. The attendees will hear selected inspirational readings of poetry by Rumi, the current best-selling poet in the US, with accompanying background music and musical interludes by live musicians.


We will provide two to three experienced readers, including one reader to read an excerpt in the original Farsee language. There will be four musicians playing live composed and improvised music.