Abel Meeropol Social Justice Writing Award Event

Patricia Smith awarded the Abel Meeropol Social Justice Writing Award by SDWG Board President Ellen Meeropol & Robert Meeropol Patricia Smith Robert Meeropol SDWG Board President Ellen Meeropol and Advisory Board member Bill NewmanPhotos by Doug Anderson  It is rare and wonderful when several important elements of a life come together and make joy. That’s Read More

Listening to Other Voices

Listening to Other Voices By Ellen Meeropol

Listening to Other Voices Guest Blogger:  Ellen Meeropol We read for so many reasons – to be entertained, to armchair-travel, to be goosed into other ways of thinking, to learn, to experience lives very different from our own. To expand our world.   We choose our books in many ways too. We browse bookstore and Read More

Listening to Other Voices (1)

WORDPEACE by Lori Desrosiers

Guest Blogger: Lori Desrosiers In November, Lori Desrosiers joined a panel of esteemed local editors to discuss publishing in literary journals. During their compelling conversation, Lori mentioned a new venture, Wordpeace (http://wordpeace.co). I invited Lori to tell us more about this important new project, the kind that – in my opinion – we desperately need Read More

Zine Magazine

Zine Radio: by Margaret Crocker, Smith College

Zine Radio Guest Blogger: Margaret Crocker, Smith College Recently, NPR’s This American Life did a story, called “Freedom Fries,” on women’s voices on the radio — and how This American Life receives correspondence criticizing young female contributors.   According to critics, women’s voices suffer from “vocal fry,” a guttural sound that a voice can make Read More