Straw Dog Submissions

To submit a listing for the Straw Dog Bulletin Board

Individuals may submit one listing per month, space permitting, with preference given to members of Straw Dog Writers Guild.  Please send all submissions to: admin@strawdogwriters.org 

Changes as of April 2017- ** members get unlimited entries, and services posted can stay as space permits.  Non-member postings receive 1 free newsletter posting and 6 weeks posted on the bulletin board. 

For events, services, and workshops:  

Text of up to 100 words, with optional photo or logo and a link to website or email where further information is available. Please send at least six weeks before the event, and include:
Title of reading or service
Brief description
Date and location
Name/email of contact person
Send to admin@strawdogwriters.org at least six weeks prior to the event.

For “looking for” notices - 

(Examples: “Looking for a poetry critique group in Belchertown,”  “Looking for a proofreader for my manuscript”  “Looking for a quiet place to work; anyone need a house sitter”)

Text of up to 100 words must include:
Brief description of the resource you seek
Date and location if relevant
Name of Member posting and contact information (email, phone, or website)

The Literary Community Calendar

Text of up to 30 words, with optional photo, logo or link to website or email where further information is available. Please send at least one month before the event, and include:

Title of Event
Brief description
Date and location
Contact person

Send to admin@strawdogwriters.org

These are for Straw Dog Writers Guild Members ONLY...
To have your book cover part of the Straw Dog Bookshelf moving banner on the website:

Send image (jpeg/png) of your books (or literary magazines, anthologies in which your work appears)

To be added to the Straw Dog Members Page

Send one image, and a link to your work (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc… ) Include your name & up to 30 words describing your work. 

Members Book Launch Page

We want to spotlight your new publications and make it easy to promote each other’s books on social media. Please send two months before book publication:

Title and image of book

Brief description (100 words)

Book blurbs 1 or 2

Link to your website

Twitter, Facebook Instagram (social media hashtags #yourbook)

Date and location of 3-5 local readings.

Member News

We want to celebrate your publication successes.

Please send” Title of poem or story or essay and name/date of publication"

Link to the magazine or website

Please send all submissions to: admin@strawdogwriters.org


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