About Us

Who are the Straw Dogs?

Advisory Board

Carol Connare

Patricia Lee Lewis

Richard Michelson

Bill Newman

Jane Yolen

Leslea Newman

Steering Committee

Board Officers

President: Christopher J. Sparks

Clerk: Macci Schmidt

Treasurer (ex officio): Becky Jones


Liz Bedell

roxanne Callender

Beth Filson

Celia Jeffries

Alexis Johnson

Ellen Meeropol

Rick Paar

MaryAnn Scognamiglio

Stephanie Shafran

Jacqueline Sheehan

Finance Committee

Macci Schmidt

Mary Ann Scognamiglio

Program Committee

The Program Committee seeks out and schedules programming for Straw Dogs members and the greater writing community. We strive to provide a wide variety of presentations and discussions regarding craft, navigating the profession, inspiration and the writing life. The program committee particularly encourages presenters from groups that have been underrepresented in writing and publishing communities. Propose a program here

Sally Bellerose

Michael Goldman – Chair

Becky Jones

 Judy McIntosh

Rick Paar

Anna Smith

Vati Sreiberg

Social Justice Committee

The social justice writing committee initiates, plans and carries out projects that address the inequities of our world and seek to illuminate and change them through writing, reading, and literary connection.

Liz Bedell

Sally Bellerose

Beth Filson

Mary Warren Foulk

Ellen Meeropol

Macci Schmidt

Christopher J. Sparks

Nicole M. Young


Writers Night Out

Rick Paar

Jacqueline Sheehan

 Writers Read/Hilltowns

Jane Roy Brown

Publicity Committee

Cherryl Jenson – Chair

Tzivia Gover

Nerissa Nields

Macci Schmidt


Arianna Alexsandra Collins, Administrative Director

Robin Glenn, newsletter


Jamie Haines (Spring semester 2018)

Marisa Mizzoni – (Summer/Fall 2019)

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