The Voo Open Mic by Candace Curran

What do we want?
When do we want it?

The Rendezvous, (The Voo), Turners Falls, MA

Wasn’t it Simon and Garfunkel that stated the obvious…it’s all happening at the Voo? Or was it Zoo? and yes, that works too…

We are just getting started with our new featured reader/open mic monthly event at The Rendezvous aka The Voo, in Turners Falls. The fantastic and powerful poet and performance artist Nicole M. Young was our first feature in September of 2018, followed by the first Stewart & Stewart reading, with fabulous poets Joshua Michael Stewart and Pamela Jody Stewart.

Straw Dog co-host extraordinaire Beth Filson joined us in November, and in 2019, we had talented local poets, Lauren Marie Schmidt, Christopher Sparks, Amy Laprade, Trish Crapo, & Janet MacFadyen. Upcoming poets include Tommy Twilite, Dina Stander, Karen Skolfield, Patrick Donnelly, Libby Maxey, Rebecca Hart Olander with more muse poets that I promise will:

sing string and lasso
climb and derail you
break your supine train-track spine
with some crooked river chemistry
chicken bones and scratches

poets that use their words
place sharp knives where they’ll
do the most good
tease old Lassie to the well
make you forget you’re up next

because you want it bad enough
that blowback voodoo to rub off
more than anything don’t you
want to write a little ambush
something to take somebody’s

breath from its cage
create a silence so loud it rises
like sweetbread high above
the Voo’s everyday dish chatter…

Well, that’s what I want anyway and have seen it happen at The Rendezvous, a self-proclaimed watering hole featuring gourmet pub grub with an eclectic menu, music and wall art in the Great Falls area of Western Mass. And oh, the bathroom. What a handsome authentic industrial installation! A must see.

The scene is laidback and the staff, friendly and supportive. You should expect some background chatter. Although I don’t understand it, not everyone is hungry for poetry, but the Rendezvous is a great place to try out your words and gift us your famous 5 minutes. We hope to have the opportunity to hear from you. Sign-up for the open mic is two thirtyish every last Sunday of the month.

Straw Dog Literary Rendezvous
78 3rd Street, Turners Falls, MA
Open mic with a featured poet
every last Sunday of the month
2:30 -4:30

Candace Curran is the seat of the pants startup for Straw Dog Literary Rendezvous. She lives in Shelburne Falls with her good man and dog close by the ever-changing Deerfield River. Her interests include everything poetry and the word and image connection. She is a founding member of the art and performance groups, Interface and Exploded View. She is a twice named Poets Seat First Prize winner. Her books include Playing in Wrecks and Bone Cages, an anthology and publications, Meat for Tea, Silk Worm, Raw NervZ, Uniquely North Quabbin and Compass Roads.