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Congratulations to member Elaine Burnes for her new adult science fiction novel, Endurance. “What if you were stranded. On a spaceship. Four light years from Earth. With a hundred tourists. And you are the captain. Then things start to go wrong. Welcome aboard the Endurance. It’ll be the trip of a lifetime.” Information and purchase links can be found here: http://elaineburnes.com/endurance/

Congratulations to member Susan E. McKenna published her short story, “Sudoku Xmas” in Issue 6.2 of Collateral Journal, www.collateraljournal.com. “Sudoku Xmas” is the story of a young girl who plays Sudoku as a way to negotiate growing up in a military family under the threat of deployment while also navigating the constant bullying that accompanied the interstitial experience of living off base as a “military brat.” Collateral publishes fiction, essays, poetry, and art by people who are directly and indirectly impacted by military violence.

Congratulations to member Lesléa Newman for her newly published children’s book, “Alicia and the Hurricane: A Story of Puerto Rico/Alicia y el huracán: Un cuento de Puerto Rico.”

Congratulations to member Chris O’Carroll on his new new poetry collection, Abracadabratude. The book is available from White Violet Press/Kelsay Books.

Congratulations to member Janet Aalfs for her new book of poems, What the Dead Want Me to Know, Human Error Publishing. Can order HERE through Amazon.


Distracted Writers’ Study Hall

Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 1:30-4:00pm, Six-Week Session, Tuesday, June 7 – Thursday, July 14, 2022.
Join Linda Castronovo in her home for a distraction-free space. This is not your typical writing group. After a quick warm-up, we’ll have two full hours to work on our own projects. No craft discussions. No reading aloud. No comments on one another’s writing. Coffee and tea will be available, but no snacks. Come well-fed. If there is unanimous interest, we’ll read excerpts on the last day. Register HERE.

Belchertown Writers Meetup Sundays at 2:30-4:00pm

A group of writers from all genres get together to discuss current writing projects, and share advice and resources. Newcomers are always welcome! Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Belchertown-Writers-and-Futurists/
Meeting is now a ZOOM meeting! https://zoom.us/j/152083261

Forbes Library Writing Room Wednesdays at 9:00am-12:30pm

This is a free, structured, facilitated drop in community writing group. We check in at 9:30, then write together for two hours, followed by the opportunity to read what you wrote (5 minutes). Follow the link for ZOOM meeting

Soul Embodiment: what it means to be a Soul living a sacred human life

A newly created workbook is available for those seeking a spiritually integrated experience of life, where the personality/ego self and the Soul Self work together harmoniously. This small group process helps people accelerate healing and spiritual development. The work helps people to understand themselves as a soul, explore their relationship to the spirit world, examine which spiritual principles are operating in their life and work with the energies of light and those that oppose it. Each section has some teaching on metaphysical topics, guided questions and creative exercises. A new group is starting soon. All of my work is done from a pay from the heart model. Please contact diana@doorsoflight.org with any questions.


Join the brouhaha around Michael Favala Goldman’s new poetry collection, If you were here you would feel at home, by attending the virtual book launch event on July 17 at 4pm, EDT. With guest poets Jovonna Van Pelt and Mary Foulk, musical guest Tommy Twilite, and emcee Lindsay Rockwell. Michael will read from his new book and from new poems. Free and easy. Register here: www.michaelfavalagoldman.com/launch


The Poetic Dream: An online writing experience with Tzivia Gover, author and dreamwork professional

Dreams contain all the elements of great poetry including metaphor, symbolism, vivid imagery, humor, emotional catharsis, and personification. Classical and contemporary poets from Samuel Coleridge to Lucille Clifton have used dreams and visions to spark their poems. You too can benefit from tapping into dreams and the subconscious to supercharge your poetry. Learn to unlock the power of dreams to supercharge your creativity in this asynchronous (learn at your own pace with a cohort of other writers). In this interactive, online (no-Zoom) workshop you’ll receive lessons and writing prompts and have the opportunity to share your writing and receive feedback from instructors and our welcoming community forum. Starts June 23 (with extended access to lessons through July 28). 6 weekly lessons and prompts (Proceed at your own pace). 3 months of access. $75! (Pricing options available for students and those on fixed/limited incomes starting at $35) Learn more and enroll HERE.

The LYRIC ESSAY: an in-person workshop with Celia Jeffries. A Pioneer Valley Writers Workshop offering

Saturday, July 23, 10:00am – 12noon
Do you have something you want to say, but haven’t found the right way to put it on the page? Join us on Saturday July 23, for a two-hour ramble through the lyric essay form—an opportunity to reflect, explore, question, and use a number of different essay structures. This workshop will take place in person at Smith College Conference Center. $60. Register at: www.pioneervalleywriters.org

Strengthen Your Story’s Saggy Middle, a Hybrid Workshop with Jacqueline Sheehan

Saturday, July 30, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Most writers have a good sense of their story’s beginning, and they might even know the end, but it’s the saggy middle that can bog down the works. In fact, the middle is every bit as important as a compelling first page and transformative ending! In the mid-section of a story, the main character makes choices and confronts obstacles that alter the course of events. The middle is where the stakes have to rise and the true grit of your character is revealed. In this half-day workshop, we will explore the essential elements–such as conflict, rising action and causality–that make the midsection of your story riveting enough to propel readers all the way through. Participants will leave with an assortment of craft tools and a plan for how to tighten the center of their stories. This workshop will take place in-person in the studio, with a hybrid option! Register at: https://writersinprogress.com/cart/ Fee: $75

Summer Writing Camp with Nerissa Nields

August 1-7
Finally–give yourself to your writing for one delicious week! This is a fantastic opportunity to delve deeply into an existing project, work on a phD thesis, start a children’s book, edit and revise, or just revel in the community of writers, the beautiful surroundings, the quiet, the on-going discussion of writing and literature. Poets work on haiku; there are spaces for songwriters to compose in private rooms; there are indoor and outdoor spaces to curl up in and write to your heart’s content. In 2022, as we are transitioning out of the Pandemic, there are spots for folks who have been vaccinated to come in person, and also spots for remote attendees. All group discussion will be shared on Zoom. For more details and to register go to: nerissanields.com/summer-writing-retreat

Miss T’s No Bull Writing Workshops

Miss T here and I’m developing a series of two-hour $10 workshops on various writing topics. Cool, right? The first will be backstory. I call it “Don’t Put the Backstory in the Front.” Future topics include dialogue, show don’t tell, an editing cheat sheet, personal essay, cutting down on adverbs, using power verbs, etc. And, of course, I am open to your suggestions. For the workshop, I’d like you to bring a doubled-space page 12 pt font – about 250 words. It would be best if you could bring in the beginning of your story, or somewhere where you think you may be having an issue with backstory.
To indicate your interest in this or future $10 workshops, click on the link DON’T PUT THE BACKSTORY IN THE FRONT!

Pioneer Valley Writers Workshop

Pioneer Valley Writers' Workshop logo

Pioneer Valley Writers’ Workshop is a Northampton MA-based literary arts organization, now completely online for the foreseeable future, offering a wide array of one-day and multi-week writing workshops for experienced and aspiring writers of all levels, genres, and backgrounds. Founded by Joy Baglio in 2016, PVWW has a team of over 30 professional writers, authors and editors and a constantly changing lineup of workshops and events. All our workshops are limited to a small number of writers (8, 10, or 12, depending on the particular class) and are held live on Zoom. In addition to seasonal workshops, PVWW runs a Year-Long Manuscript Group Program for writers working on book-length projects, open for applications every year October – January. In addition to our classes and workshops, we host a FREE twice-a-month generative Community Writing gathering open to writers everywhere and frequent virtual author readingsFor writers looking for more direct hands-on help with their projects, we offer professional one-on-one manuscript consulting and editing services. Our focus is on a rigorous understanding of craft and technique, while also creating a supportive and fun environment for writers of all levels. As Ursula K. Le Guin says: “Skill in writing frees you to write what you want to write. Craft enables art.”

Writers in Progress

Writers in Progress logo

Writers in Progress, the Valley’s Literary Arts Studio, is excited to re-open our gorgeous physical space this September, launching our Fall Session with a huge variety of weekly, half day and one-day generative and craft workshops. We will also continue to offer many workshops online. Some of our many offerings this fall include: Morning Jumpstarts, with Dori Ostermiller, Writing From Life with Emily Lackey, the Craft of Memoir with Cathy Luna, the Blueprint Your Book Series, with Susanne Dunlap, Fiction Essentials with Jacqueline Sheehan, Poetry Workshop with Sarah Browning, Word for Writers, Tarot for Writers, and many more. We also host a monthly community writing workshop, the first Sunday of each month, open to all. Founded in 1992 by author Dori Ostermiller, WIP has been supporting writers and creating community for three decades and has ‘midwifed’ dozens of published books. Our workshops are limited to 8 participants and emphasize writing time, community and craft development, nurturing voice, giving and receiving constructive, encouraging feedback. We believe that the writing process calls for both rigor and playfulness, both craft and inspiration. We also offer our legendary year-long manuscript intensive for writers working on book-length manuscripts, a six month revision intensive, as well as one-on-one coaching, editing and consulting. Our published alums include Ellen Meeropol, Steve Bernstein, JoAnne Jones, Dusty Miller, Ruth Lehrer, Dinah Mack, Kris Holloway, David Lovelace and many, many more. We host a seasonal Live Literature reading series in our studio and online. Check out our amazing lineup of fall workshops and events at www.writersinprogress.com. Hope to see you soon!


Mentoring and Editing Services with
Michael Favala Goldman

Michael Favala Goldman hammerandhorn.net. I know how difficult it is to be objective about one’s own writing. Having skilled readers and mentors helped me gain the skills to publish16 books of prose translations, poetry translations and original poetry. I have been leading poetry critique groups since 2018. I give direct, compassionate feedback, to help clarify and magnify the author’s voice. I am happy to look at a few short pieces or an entire manuscript. hammerandhorn@gmail.com.

Manuscript Consultations and Editing Services with Jan Freeman

With 40 years of editorial experience, I am available to review works of prose and poetry, including full-length manuscripts, chapbooks, and selected collections. Through multiple readings, I evaluate literal and emotional narratives and a manuscript’s organization, texture, shape, tension, and emotional flow. I am author of 3 books of poetry and co-editor of Sisters: An Anthology; from 1995–2018, I directed Paris Press (now an imprint of Wesleyan University Press), which published critically acclaimed books by Emily Dickinson, NBCC award winning Ruth Stone, Virginia Woolf, and many others. Jan Freeman, janfreemanpoetry@gmail.com www.janfreeman.net

Mentoring Services with Lesléa Newman

Lesléa Newman has created 75 books for readers of all ages and mentored hundreds of writers including Newbery Award-winner Kwame Alexander (The Crossover), novelist, Leah Henderson (One Shadow on the Wall) and poet Floyd Cheung (Jazz at Manzanar). If you are working on a manuscript, I’d love to take a peek and see how I can help you make your book the best it can be. Whether you write for kids, teens or adults, whether you write poetry or prose, whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you name it, I can critique it. I will mark up your manuscript in purple ink, write you a long, editorial letter, read one revision, and if appropriate, offer publishing suggestions. More information can be found here: https://lesleanewman.com/mentoring/

Consultation w/ Gail Thomas

I am available for individual consultation on your poetry submissions, manuscripts and residency applications. With more than 40 years of publishing and teaching experience, I offer feedback that not only focuses on your writing goals, but also strengthens your craft. If you are assembling a chapbook or full-length manuscript, I will work with you to organize and present your best work for publication. Gail Thomas, gailthomaspoet@gmail.com

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